A new wave of people-powered organizations are adapting and evolving the MoveOn model across the world

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When MoveOn.org started in 1998, the idea of using the internet to connect progressives and fuel a people-powered grassroots movement was unheard of. Now, progressive, online, member-led organizations are cropping up across the globe—all built on the MoveOn model.

What's even more exciting is that some of these organizations are forming an international network called OPEN, to work together to tackle transnational problems, such as climate change and trade agreements, and exchange ideas, tools, and learnings.

This isn't MoveOn's first foray into organizing globally. We helped to launch two amazing organizations in recent years that are working on an international scale: Avaaz and Sum of Us — both of which are doing inspiring work.

If the success of those organizations has taught us anything, it is that building partnerships across our borders can be incredibly powerful and lead to even more progressive victories.

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1Source: The Nation (link)

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