The Internet as we know it is in trouble!

On May 15, the FCC is rolling out proposed regulations that would allow Internet service providers to set up "pay-to-play" fast lanes, and relegate everyone else to the slow lane. More than 10,000 MoveOn members have spoken out against this move—check out their stories below!


Below, you can read stories from MoveOn members, including:









I own a small business and have my own website. I don't want customers driven from my suddenly less fast site. I also use the internet heavily all day long. I need speed, and I can't afford time or money for the "deluxe" version. Don't these folks make enough off us as it is?

Michelle M. from Salt Lake City, UT

My artwork being sold on my website is a huge part of why my home is not in foreclosure. I rely heavily on supplemental income from my site. If I had a slow speed site I feel I would lose all customers.

Joshua S. from Sandy, UT

I am the mother of two children with complex special needs. The information, support, laughter and tears that I have found everywhere from the websites of nonprofits supporting families with disabilities, to parent listservs, to academic research centers, to Mommy bloggers has completely changed our lives, and our expectations in the last six years.

Lisa M. from Denver, CO

I am a network engineer. I was involved in the initial efforts to bring the Internet to the general public in the early 1990s. I've worked on the Internet all day, every day, for the past 25 years. If these profit-mongers throttle traffic based on who pays them what, my work will suffer a serious impact. Further, owing to my background, I can categorically and authoritatively state that this type of traffic discrimination is NOT how the Internet is supposed to work.

Dave M. from New Kensington, PA

I use the internet to find studies for my research every day. It is important to keep the net neutral, so everyone can have the same opportunities in an age where the internet is ultimate arbitrator.

John H. from Santa Fe, NM

I am a musician with a small but loyal following. As an artist, it's important for me to put what I do into the world for other people to hopefully gather strength or have solace. As a small business owner, I always thought the internet was an incredible place for anyone in the world to get a fair shake, to have a voice and have fighting chance to foster something special. Art and information's merit should be based on its content not on how fast it gets to you.

Jason K. from East Durham, NC

I have never had a phone service that I could trust. They are all gangsters and Wall STreet Jack the Rippers. Employees are not trained correctly, they are rude and insensitive. CEO's of phone company's are slease. Like the bottom of a mud puddle. None of them can be trusted!

Paul D. from Cheshire, MA

I live below the poverty line and don't use cable TV. I Do keep my internet account because it is Worth it to me. Because I have Asperger's Syndrome and live Alone, it is a Life-Line to me. Important for improving my Social skills, having Daily contact with Someone, and keeps me on a decent Mental Health improvement. It is Extremely Important for me to have Access to the Internet at a decent speed, and at No Higher prices. The poor, the mentally different, people with disabilities, the working poor, are all considered as Not Worthy of basic Human Rights, let alone things that help people. It's important that All people are equal with regard to Human Right and Human Needs! Net Neutrality is a necessary for people with Disabilities, the Developmentaly different, The mentally ill and those Older People who live Alone. One of the many things important about being online is finding what help may be available, and the Daily Contact with Others. If you have ANY sense of Compassion, any sense of fair play, and the knowledge of what is right, what is wrong and Doing The Right Thing, then you will continue with net neutrality.

Pam M. from Wichita, KS

Stop it already what more do we have to pay for. It's rediculouse … I can't afford comcast with basic cable already.

Wanda from Delray Beach, FL

I work for a youth serving non-profit. Access to the internet is a critical part of how we communicate with volunteers, remain in contact with families and fund raise. If accessibility was limited of slowed down, it could jeopardize the programs sustainability. Without this program in the city, many economically disadvantaged youth wouldn't be prepared for college and career success.

Sheniece C. from Indianapolis, IN

I use internet for political advocacy and educational needs. SAVE THE Internet!!!!

Jorge I. from El Cajon, CA

im a commercial broker and need a clear internet.....................

jk h. from Katy, TX

Trying to make a family in my sex life and so I can get a better job with benefits and health care.

Allen m. from Barberton, OH

It is my major source of searching for cures for elderly people who need help with caring for themselves. I use it as a major source of communication for my African Art Gallery & Museum. Without Internet Services, my business would be very tough to stay afloat. I need resources to help me & the Internet provides grant info & business building workshops,, videos, etc.

Cynthia B. from , FL

Working at a library I can see the constant demand for online access, specially for people with limited means how will this affect our customers? will we able to provide the same services?

Luis A. from Brooklyn, NY

Verizion already over charges its clients for services and exhorbitant taxes; Comcast already slows down the internet when they send out the bills these crooked practices need to STOP. These companies also do not pay TAXES to the IRS.

Leslie M. from Oakley, CA

the cost would be astronomical. We would not be able to pay.

dennis j. from Lanham, MD

I get a lot from it. I like to research

Vanessa B. from Taunton, MA

Getting information off the Internet is like taking a drink from a fire hydrant. Mitchell Kapor Thanks to the internet, i'm able to access information I would otherwise be unable to in both my personal and professional life!

Barbara J. from Portland, OR

This isnt a casino.. we should be able to have free reign on the internet and not let these so called bigger companies take over.

Hyasyn T. from Chester, PA

i use the internet as an insurance agent. Working with insurance companies, employed with an agency, I do quotes, endorsements, payment of premiums, etc. I do not need to work slower.

Hermie from Forest Lake, MN

I am a grandparent wife and a retired senior-I read watch breaking news and Listen to all night radio -maybe turn on T.V. 5 hours a month - internet is my connection to family friends and the World..

Robin J. from Yerington, NV

We use internet email regularly but Verizon shut-down DSL to us because of erratic quality and nearby AT&T declines to provide DSL saying we are 300 yards in Verizon territory. Open internet is ultra important to our personal and business life.

A P. from Farmersville, CA

Open Internet is extremely important not also to communicate, share memories, ideas but also to continue educating the world.

Aida from Arecibo, PR

My family is spread over 3 states and the internet is how we keep in touch with each other. We are not getting any younger and don't have the financial means to travel so far. The internet is much better than the phone. I have already lost two brothers and can keep up daily with the five brothers I still have. Just can't afford long distance calls on a daily basis. I also have 4 children to keep in touch with - even though they live close we can keep in touch without having to run around with a phone to our ears. means lot to us because we can keep up day to day to day and we aren't getting any younger. I am 78 and my youngest brother is 62.

Carol F. from Tacoma, WA

I have worked as a single remote employee in the tech industry for most of the last 16 years. I probably would have had to move if my company had been forced to pay for higher bandwidth in order to compete with for-profit companies benefiting from the internet infrastructure to feed faster bandwidth to entertainment providers, etc.

Kirk B. from Walnut Creek, CA

The internet is my basic research tool. Limiting speed or access could put me at a significant disadvantage.

Ethan S. from Tewksbury, MA

I am unemployed for the first time in 30 years and the internet is an essential part of job searching in this day and age. While I do not LIKE searching for and applying for jobs online - there is little response and very little human touch - it is unavoidable. If on top of having no job, I had to pay even MORE for internet access it would be an additional hardship. I already pay dearly for access at a basic level.

Linda L. from Woodland Hills, CA


Sir i. from Santa Fe, NM

It is outrageous to think that people and companies should control any function of the internet. Just as a small business should be able to compete on an equal playing field, the bandwidth of any one website should be allowed to function at the same speed.

Carrie C. from San Francisco, CA

It's like a personal letter, unless for other use for profit or non-profit!!!

Steven W. from Houston, TX

i am disabled and not able to get of the house all the time, and i also have a daughter who is in college who needs it for studies

sherry m. from Wilmington, DE

very important

Tobi H. from Ventura, CA

It helps and assists us to be "educated" human beings. Need I say more? We NEED the Internet to function apparently. Not to mention it's out right...

Joseph F. from Fort Collins, CO

My husband and I are retired school teachers and living on the Texas Retirement so anything that will cost us more will really hurt us and change the way we use our computers! Please continue the "Open Internet".

agnes b. from League City, TX

The internet was build with public money. You should not be allowed to privatize what is built with public money. The internet was built for educational purposes. College tuition is already too expensive in this country; if you privatize the internet, college tuition will go up in response (what is known as "technology fees").

Jamie D. from Fairfax, VA

Internet access is essential to my research...

Charles P. from Blue Jay, CA

Internet is used in my everyday living as a network tool, I shop on the internet, I keep intouch with family & friends, I search for places, peoples & things on the internet and I use the internet for information and definition...

Lisa J. from Macon, GA

Having an open internet levels the playing field equally for everyone instead of playing favorites.

Jason L. from Baldwin, NY

Verizon sells speeds between 1.5mgs to 5mgs and then a slow tier of 1mg or under. I pay for the higher package, but have had months of internet issues. Several technicians have told me Verizon oversells the neighbourhood so that at peak times many users get bumped down to a slower speed get kicked off altogether. I have had weeks go by with little to no internet access and all I ever receive (after I demand it) is a monetary credit. The technicians tell me they will not fix this overcrowding issue until they bring FIOS into the neighbourhood. Verizon call centres tell me the technicians don't know what they're talking about and it's clearly just line trouble. Too big to care and too big to even worry about fixing the issue.

Michelle P. from Palm Springs, CA

The internet is not broken. It should not be allowed to be run by monopolies. We deserve to keep what has become important to us. For Shopping, business, and keeping up with our far away families. it should not suddenly become something that we pay more and more for with limited companies to use for access.

Edith S. from Willits, CA

As a mental health social worker it is vitally important to have all community and national resources content available for viewing.

Laura B. from Washington, DC

Freedom of speech. Free market trade.

Coleen w. from New Castle, DE

I use the open Internet to educate my son and myself on a daily basis. I also use the open Internet to communicate and access a multitude of website to help with my career which is medical coding.

Jacqueline W. from Philadelphia, PA

I use it to connect with fellow educators, parents, students and professional organizations on a daily basis. It makes me a far more effective teacher.

amy K. from Flushing, NY

I'm a disabled student at a community college and I must have access to the internet at all times. Don't take advantage of us just so you can make an extra dollar; you already have all you need-don't be greedy, it's tacky.

Yessenia H. from Ontario, OR

Unrestricted Internet access is one of the last freedoms (that we can have in our homes). If the cost of service increases and/or some content is restricted, that will likely mean I will not be able to have resources that can help improve my life! The Internet is certainly not perfect, but the amount of beneficial information (like how to change your brake pads), and the sources of entertainment have made the lives of a lot of people a lot better!

Brian J. from Joplin, MO

In my town we have "competition" between VZ, RCN, and CMCST. One friend of mine consantly complains about technical difficulties with VZ's DSL (he doesn't need high speed). I switched from CMCST to VZ about five years ago. When I switched VZ voice to Ooma, I did not really see any change in the monthly fee. My speed (I upgraded about six months ago) to the next hghest level has not really changed. These actions ae those of an oligopolistic industry. Where are the anti-trusters when we need them?

bill a. from Boston, MA

I use the internet in a variety of fashions. Limiting it in any way harms my social sphere, my networking sphere and limits my personal potentials. I behoove you to leave it as is. Thanks.

Jeffrey from Amesbury, MA

Studying at home, work at home, connecting to family all over the world and people, purchasing, budgeting.

Yvette B. from Wilton, IA

I have atrial fibrillation- 3 ablations - still some damage. I have used the net to understand my illness. for 2 years I have been unable to finish my quest for marathons in 50 states. As a result of medical info online I expect to finish the last state this year. I have also observed that the internet has caused greater variety in cable company offerings.

ray m. from Huntsville, AL

I am 75 years old and very healthy at the moment but the time will come when I will need to be able to connect with people, events and information on line. The elderly especially need the internet.

sandra w. from Marblehead, MA

Since my disability all I can do is try to learn things and taking Internet would make my life even more miserable than it is now

James S. from Goliad, TX

The internet is such an important part of my life. From researching information for my child who is in school, to maintaining our daily life and survival through my small internet business. Keep the internet open just like it has always been.

Sally S. from Valdosta, GA

first of all I was hurt and I wax serving my country in serving the soldiers and civilians.have to contact many medical providers and lawyers to get what is rightfully minePlus do research on all my injuries to make sure that they're properly documented. no one will look out for yourself and if we don't keep things public for the people and where would we be. let the people stand strong and what is rightfully theirs freedom of speech freedom of research.we need to stand for ourselves and what is right and be strong.

Andrea J. from Houston, TX

I use the internet daily to learn. It inspires me and provides me crucial access to those I love and information I need. In this age of information it is important that every citizen is able to access free internet to make the best decisions for the future of our planet.

Talon S. from Williams, OR

I care about equal access to the internet that isn't based on how much one is willing (or unable) to pay. The digital divide is real and has been a persistent national problem for over two decades. This is a particular problem for poor urban and rural communities. Moreover, the event of this problem should be no surprise to the FCC in the internet's present form. The market has not solved this problem and allowing a tiered access system will only exacerbate the problem. I strongly condemn the contemplation, let alone the promulgation of any such rules. I further admonish the FCC chairman for falsely calling the proposed tiered system a proposal for net neutrality.

Eric W. from Buffalo, NY

An open internet is critical to allow the free flow of information on social and environmental justice issues around the world so that we can keep working together in solidarity.

Michelle F. from Ann Arbor, MI

The internet plays such an important role in almost everyones life, even if its only to check email. The world has changed to make it that technology is crucial to everything we do from students to business owners. From kids going to the library after school to surf the web, to parents that homeschooling their kids. We need the internet and its not fair to charge for something that is already free, for something that is free, in this society that makes us depend on technology that is enabled by the internet.

Erica s. from Tucson, AZ

Very simply, an open Internet is a human enterprise that must be equally available globally just as birth and death is experienced by all humans with no exceptions!

Tom F. from Madison, FL

Need it all the time for work, research, family communication, day to day routine!

Daniel G. from Casper, WY

For Job searching, apartment hunting, quotes for services and purchases, send and receiving email (personal and business related)...It's not just for buying stuff and playing games.

taunjia c. from Beaverton, OR

The open internet has allowed me to search for my ancestors, both in the US and in Ireland. This has been a wonderful part of our lives as we now can hand down the history to our children and then they will have it for their own children. PLEASE KEEP THE INTERNET FREE!

Maureen M. from , MA

I am a middle aged full time college student. I have waited more than forty years to complete my education and without an open internet I still would not be able to afford it. I started working at 12 years old as a file clerk with special permission and a work permit granted by my school principle. I have always worked, even when I took time off to have my daughter I took care of a ninety year old blind women to earn some income, and I will probably work until the day I die. I have also always volunteered to help my community and country. I am not unique, 1000's of Americans like me work hard, and volunteer hard, to make our communities and country stronger, instead of working to make ourselves rich. Why should we, the real citizens and patriots of America get less of absolutely everything because we care more about America than we do about our personal greed? When good people begin to receive rewards for being good people again and the rewards for being self-centered and greedy begin to diminish, family values and a strong economy can reemerge because greed is what has done both of those things in, not freedom. Changing the internet to allow greedy people to exploit the system for their own benefit hurts America, in the exact same way that changing laws to benefit the greedy at the expense of America always has.

Michelle B. from Birmingham, AL

Activist's needs the internet!! The 1% war on the 99% has to stop!!!

Kyong B. from Auburn, WA

Work on-line do business small business on-line my customer in rural areas have hard enough time to get connected slowing down the internet because there is too much traffic, and charging people money to connect is one thing but to charge to view certain websites is highwat roberry and will affect my family small on-line business so tremendous that we would become homeless, and destitute once again, were just getting back on our feet from 2002, and its been a long road to get here with set backs financially, housing, food, and trying not to depend on the government hand outs, is hard. But if this happens we will become dependent on the government hand outs, and we will be nothing more than another poor third world country like others right now, and china will be the movers and shakers of business, along with Japan and Russia. Look at the big picture here, we see it why cant you. I am also a Veteran this makes me upset that our country is being controlled by Large Corporation monopolies. Bring back the Anti-Sherman Trust Act, and stop this Country from being taken over by the greedy Corporations and 1% who could care less about the other 99%. Save The Internet!!!

Ajaye J. from Charlotte, NC

Separating the rich from the poor is the first step in bringing down a country. This is just one more step in giving everything to the rich and nothing to the poor.

Carol F. from Detroit, MI

I need to be able to find local businesses and individuals offering services in my area and I need them to be able to find me. Without open internet, that is not possible. Only the huge corporate monopolies will be able to attract customers.

Julie W. from McKinleyville, CA

I am a senior citizen and I rely on my computer to communicate with my children and friends, read the news, play games.

Virginia W. from Jay, ME

I am a network engineering student in my late 40's. Midlife career change due physical and financial difficulties. I thought that networking was a guarantee to success as long as I could pass muster. If the ISP's get their way I may soon find myself with a useless degree. No one needs network engineers if there is not a viable internet to get to. The proposed tiered system would end viability to all except the large, wealthy companies. They have tried this experiment in Europe and it has failed, we do not need to fail as well. Leave the internet alone.

Scott W. from Lake Wales, FL

We use the internet for everything!! We have a virtual business and an active military service member who deploys- the internet keeps us connected to everything and everyone. We are attending school and tutoring our young ones, we all use the internet for our education.

Merri B. from Hagerstown, MD

I am a retired Secretary and I enjoy the internet very much.

DeOlive F. from Evanston, IL

An OPEN internet is paramount to me continuing my creative writing, sourcing of my free art and music, as well general betterment through research of philosophy, religion, music, and science. Please respect net neutrality on behalf of myself and my household members!

Andrew H. from Richmond, VA

I run my business on the internet. I research items for my business on the internet. Items that are an integral part of my business. I keep track of my family on the internet. For most of my family the internet is the only way I have of contacting them. Some travel for work and are never home. I have a family member that has major health issues and I do research on her condition and things that will help her control pain and what not. And I go to college on the internet. I FINALLY got the chance to go back to school in a way that fits my life and work schedules. The internet is the only way I have of making this situation work. Without the internet I'd be screwed.

Tamra from Kaukauna, WI

I am retired, have small resources and the internet happens to be my eyes and ears into what's happening in the world around me. I already pay for cable TV and then another charge $45 a month just to be able to access internet though my cable provider - It seems I will be forced to go back to something like dialup if the internet allows different levels of service. My carrier i Verizon and it's not all that great as it is now -- please don't force retirees and low income people into having to go to the library and maybe even pay there to use the internet. I've PAID one time -- HOW CAN YOU CHARGE ME AGAIN?

Cecelia C. from Pawleys Island, SC


Fred V. from Dumont, NJ

I do abit of work online, mostly on servers. A decent, not even fast, but decent connections is needed to work on them, otherwise the latency could mess up software you have. This means that tech support for most places, like YAHOO! for example will be at a crawl, as they generally are contacted by email, or the live IRC rooms they have. It woulden't just be one company who's tech support would get slower, anyone who relies on the internet to gain information or comunicate will suffer. Skype, Google voice, even email services would slow down. This means the old grandmother who wishes to talk to her grandchildren will hardly be able to, or others vising in other countries will have a very hard time keeping in contact. The cool teacher who is trying to show there students a clip from howitsmade or mythbusters wont be able too, this is a huge step backwards. It will do nothing but put more money in the big businesses and overall harm everyone else.

Damien E. from Colorado Springs, CO

As a small business owner; I need equal acess to the internet for my business. I do not wish larger business to have an advantage over me (no Big $ companies hurting we small business owners)!!!

sue E. from Bend, OR

For research as a student.

Ariel R. from Shellman, GA

The internet has put civilization back on the path to shared information , communication, creation of new technology, and ideas. It would be a waste to allow corporate greed take away yet another ideal from the American people. It is time for Americans to stand up against their governement and giagantic corporations tell them that we have hasd enough. That's what our forefathers would have done!

Joshua H. from Charlotte, NC

My family uses the internet for school, work as well as play and in doing so we come in contact with various types of websites. All the websites may or may not be mainstream, but in the interest of time and efficiency we need them to be equally accessible at all times.

CD C. from Jamaica, NY

Need it for business communications for personal and professional life.

Sandy Z. from Windsor, CA

An open grant me the same opportunity to reach the(world wide)market as the large corps and those with billions of dollars.

Alfred C. from Brooklyn, NY

The FCC like the government is suppose to look out for the citizens of this country not corporation. It seems that this country has forgotten that built this country for the people under God not the almighty dollar. When is the government going to realize that the people rights come 1st not corporate greed.

Jennifer L. from Washingtonville, NY

Open Internet means I can use the internet to research for my obligations as a college student, medical professional and share artistic expression with peers.

Dr.Emerio J. from Miami, FL

I used the internet to communicate with friends and to do business at work

Sheryl M. from Philadelphia, PA

The thought if allowing corporations more control over one of the last frontiers of freedom sickens and offends me to my very core. Should ANYONE besides the people who explore the internet control it, it would be the end of a most precious, and world changing medium of communication.

Conor M. from Salem, OR

A open internet it is very important to me because I am a teacher and a parent. In order to be "au current" with the wealth of information outside, I need to be connected. Also cooperative teaching and learning is faster and more effective through the net.

Maria R. from Paterson, NJ

Having free and fast access to MoveOn and other progressive groups is critical to me.

Cyrus S. from Glendale, CA

Access to knowledge should be free to all, cable bills are already to high for 300 channels which half are redundant. As a retired construction worker, I maybe unable to access the people who are trying to even the playing field in this country. I believe our DEMOCRACY is in jeapordy.

cyrus g. from Far Rockaway, NY

Founder of GigMaps Inc, live music event mapping application. We need an open and equal internet to allow our users and contributors to meet, collaborate and help each other freely and without speed restrictions.

Garth E. from Palo Alto, CA

The Internet keeps me in touch with family. and friends. I also use legal sites for work related research. I shop on the Internet as well. During an economic downturn. the country cannot. tolerate. another. make. the 1% richer. on the backs of the 99. I suggest. s boycott of all Verisimilitude and Comcast products. If the. 99 jump ship. Verisimilitude and. Comcast will have. to change. course.

Denise R. from Roosevelt, NY

As librarian I must say that the Internet is an important tool for research and education that must be availabele to the whole community. As an individual I must say that it is an indispensable tool to continue self education.

Evangelina P. from , PR

I'm a blogger, nurse, and student. Open internet is important to me in that it allows me to further my professional life and express my personal views.

Rodger J. from Warner Robins, GA

I rely on internet access in order to study remotely, as my program is not available locally and I can't afford to relocate my entire family to attend school. There is a large amount of research entailed in the courses, and utilizing the internet to locate new and relevant studies and journals is vital to my success.

Jennifer S. from Pine City, NY

The internet is how I make a living. If my site gets slowed down because of this new regulation, it could affect my start-up business. How would any start-up gain traction on the internet?

Christopher C. from Corona, CA

I am the mother of an adult daughter who utilizes the internet to communicate with her, as she lives in another country. I also use the internet to research advances in Parkinson's, a disease I was recently diagnosed with.

Katrina B. from Pickens, SC

I am a fire fighter. I noticed in my dealings that I pay 24.99 = Tax per month for Internet at 1 meg. speed and Verizon told us it would be 35.99 = Tax to get 10 megs. which would be ideal as it matches the speed of Windows 7. But, their Unlimited Local Calling plan is $19.99/mo. and every time we use it, we get charged long-distance charges instead. What is the radius of local calling? Probably the distance of driving up and down my street and back. I had to really fight to take the calling plan off. We use our Tracfones instead. We just need the land line account for Internet access. Never mind possible emergencies like blackouts or storms. Ohhh, I don't know. Both Comcast and Verizon are rip-offs. Like cable TV too. I want rabbit-ears TV and Ma Bell back. No more of this corporate bull$h*t. I may as well send smoke signals and do Charades.

John C. from Greenfield, MA

I work with files that have to be delivered via the internet. I deal with businesses that deliver good service because of their fast resonse time. If I am forced to use slow internet speeds because I am not rich enough or my clients aren't rich enough, where is the fairness in that? Why should money buy may way into a fast flowing pathway. The internet is equality for all much like the roads are traveled by all and we all have to drive the same speed!

Brook D. from Burbank, CA

On the hard days of my life, after a hard attack and losing my job, i needed a place to pray, to find uplifting stories, voices of patience and hope that would reassure me that everything will be ok. I found that on many little web sites on the internet that were not main stream. some had short videos, others had voice recordings, and others began playing simple podcasts, a term that i had never heard. Thanks God those times are over. But it was not thanks to mass media events, sports tournaments or well financed movies, but little web pages, set up by common people with large hearths. for sure their hearths are larger than those lawyers and MBA's that are proposing that. Then i learned that Japan and Korea have far faster internet, than we do in the USA, and they have not proposed such an egotistic mean of holding power and information. It is just to add insult to ..................... Sincerely, Jorge L. sarmiento

Jorge S. from San Antonio, TX

Stop taking our freedoms away. i will switch companies as this to me a direct violation of my right to information. In fact i'm going to start looking at different providers just because of this premeditated action.

david g. from Los Angeles, CA

It is essential for students to be able to access information on the open internet.

Sam S. from Portville, NY

I have been in the education field for 30 years. Now I am an office manager for a Real Estate Company part time and after 5 years of financially rough times my husband and I are starting up a home business. You just cannot operate without the use of the Net. From banking to shopping to doing business to keeping in touch with your family, we have become so dependant on this lifestyle that it would be disasterous to segregate the use of this Lifeline we need desperately. The Net needs to be treated as a utility much like our electricity and water. The government needs to protect that! WE pay our taxes and are abiding American citizens, we deserve and demand respect in the form of protection of our God given rights. It should be FAIR for ALL!

Mary D. from Tijeras, NM

If a company needs more bandwidth they can buy it, not steal it from someone else. In the end, I don't see any benefit in slowing peoples internet sites down, no matter who they are, this is just a money making scheme that has no place in our free society.

george p. from Middletown, NY

The internet helps people make businesses, communicate with friends and family, banking, customer reviews of products, buying and selling items for money. It shouldn't be limited.

Alan from Rock Island, IL

Professionally, I work with faculty at a research institution and many of the federal agencies that fund research. I could not function without the internet. Personally, I use the internet as a tool everyday. For a better life I use the internet to research symptoms we may be experiencing, drugs a doctor may want to prescribe, recipes to retain the flavor but reduce the fat and calories, travel, books, products, etc. I live in a rural community so I shop for essentials and non-essentials on the internet. And I social network through FaceBook and e-mail.

Ruth W. from Chestertown, MD