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Analytics and Testing Associate

With over seven million members, is uniquely situated to organize for real progressive change. Since its beginning, MoveOn has been a pioneer in using the internet to change American politics. Good analytics has always been a big part of that. From large-scale online petitions to pioneering small dollar donations and distributed events to the things that will change tomorrow's politics—our team is all about connecting with and serving of our members, including through smart, data-driven innovation.

The Analysis Team works to build analytical capacity across MoveOn's different initiatives, run controlled tests, advise on data and statistics, and help ensure MoveOn projects are driven by a good use of data. Our team also undertakes industry-leading research to find new ways of listening to our members, ensuring that they're getting what they want from MoveOn, and optimizing action for volume and impact.

The Analyst and Testing Associate is a key position on a small, collaborative team. You'll be working on a range of projects that may include optimizing conversion rates on petition pages, setting up and evaluating controlled tests on the emails MoveOn sends, or helping teams devise and implement analytic strategies for improving their work.

That means that above all you should have a strong ability to translate real world problems into analytic questions and an abiding curiosity about how experimentation and data can be used to solve organizing problems. You should have experience in online testing and in using data to drive decisions. You need to have a close attention to detail while being comfortable in an environment in which implementable solutions and hard deadlines are de rigueur. You should enjoy working in a team and communicating with others.

We have a virtual office. You can live wherever you want and you'll be in touch with your colleagues by IM, email, and phone. You must be a self-starter, capable of taking a project from start to finish without constant direct supervision.

Key responsibilities:


Location: Anywhere in the U.S.—MoveOn operates on a virtual office model, collaborating online.

Salary: Salary is highly competitive and benefits include health and dental insurance and four weeks vacation per calendar year.

To Apply: Click here to submit your application, resume and a cover letter that explains why you are interested in working with MoveOn and the Analysis team in particular. is an equal opportunity employer.