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Working to expand Medicaid in red states across the country, and helping 5 million people gain access to health care.

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Health Care for All Day of Action

Two days before the Obamacare enrollment deadline, MoveOn members hosted "Health Care for All" events across the country. With media and elected officials watching closely, we gathered with signs and flyers in high-traffic areas to remind people that Republicans are responsible for blocking more than 5 million people from getting health coverage by refusing to accept federal money to expand Medicaid. We asked drivers to honk their horns for health care, and gave flyers to pedestrians with more details on how they could join the fight. Here are some photos from the day of action:

Medicaid Expansion Billboards

Beginning March 3, we put up billboards—funded by small dollar donations from MoveOn members—in six states (Texas, Louisiana, Florida, Wisconsin, Nebraska, and Virginia). The billboards are designed to mimic current state tourism campaigns, and to call out the governors and state legislators standing in the way of Medicaid expansion. Here's a look:

MoveOn Medicaid billboards

Updated: We'll be unveiling billboards in Oklahoma, Kansas, and North Carolina beginning March 31.

Campaign Background

Twenty five states and the District of Columbia have expanded Medicaid, but Republican governors and state legislatures in another twenty one states are standing in the way. They are, in effect, denying health care access to more than 5 million Americans and their actions could undermine the Affordable Care Act.

MoveOn members are going all-in to win Medicaid expansion and to make sure that Republican governors like Bobby Jindal and Rick Scott know there will be political consequences for their refusal to put their states' citizens' health first.

Current campaigns

McCrory: Come clean on Medicaid

We think it's time for Governor McCrory and DHHS Secretary Wos to stop lying to the taxpayers of North Carolina and come clean about the cost of our Medicaid system.

Florida Medicaid Expansion

Florida's Legislature rejected Medicaid expansion and the accompanying 51 billion federal dollars that would have provided healthcare to nearly 1 million Floridians.

Defend Obamacare in Louisiana

Despite the recent Supreme Court ruling, Governor Bobby Jindal still refuses to implement the Affordable Care Act in Louisiana.... it appears that Gov. Jindal would prefer many people in his state to remain without necessary health care, rather than damage his political chances.

Virginia: Healthcare for All of Us Today!

Now it's in the hands of our State Legislature. They have to put Obamacare and medicaid expansion back into the state budget. It's time to put political ambitions aside and create the caring Virginia we have all earned.

Nebraskans want Affordable Care Act Now!

Why should Nebraskans continue to suffer without help from a doctor while Gov. Heineman drags his feet? We need to tell him to implement the expansion NOW, and he can study it later... when it is no cost to the state.

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