Progressive Event Recruitment Tool FAQs

Thanks for organizing a progressive event! Below are our most commonly asked questions. Please read through the questions below to ensure your event is as successful as possible.

We have two event recruitment systems. To get recruitment, all events must be registered as “public” (an option you have when you post the event) and posted in the recruitment tool at least 5 business days in advance. The recruitment email will go out 2-4 days before the event. We can recruit only for events posted in the correct location. If, after reading about the two event tools below, you are still unsure of where to post your event, please email Support Corps at

Local Progressive Actions are public-facing advocacy events. All events posted here must have a goal of influencing a decision maker to support your position and all aim to get media attention. Events you should post here include

  • Rallies
  • Speak-outs
  • Vigils
  • Marches

You can post a Local Progressive Action event here.

Progressive Community Building events are local gatherings. These events focus on community building or aim to educate community members, meaning the goal is not to directly influence a decision maker and/or the media is not invited. Events you should post here include

  • Forums
  • Teach-ins
  • Planning meetings
  • Call parties

You can post a Progressive Community Building event here.

Events we do not recruit for include

  • District meetings (with congressional members) - Strategically, these are best when done with a small group of people. If you want a larger crowd, a drop-by or rally is a more appropriate event.
  • Call alerts - asking other MoveOn members to make calls to a decision maker from their home.
  • Carpools - Unfortunately, our system can only send recruits based on the event address, not a carpool location. It can still be useful to post a carpool meet-up location as a private event and then recruit fellow activists and other people you know to sign up.

When will my recruitment email go out?
If approved, your recruitment email will go out 2-4 days before the event. Our testing has shown that this is the most effective period to send emails.

How many people is the email going to?
Most recruitment emails go out to a 15-mile urban or 30-mile rural radius around your event, maxing out at 30,000 invites.

Why can’t we send it to more people (who live farther away)?
The rate of RSVPs significantly declines outside of a 15-mile radius. We recommend that you invite family, friends, and other people you know who live farther away. Since they know you personally, they are more likely to travel the extra distance.

I don’t think my event received recruitment.
In order to get recruitment, your event must meet the guidelines listed above. If there is an issue with your event, MoveOn Support Corps volunteers will email you to help correct the problem. All corrections must be made before the recruit can go out. If you are unsure about the status of your event’s approval, please email to check.

If your event was approved for recruitment, but you still don’t think the email went out, here are a few things you should know about our system:

  • You, as the event host, will not get the recruitment email, but you should get an auto-email letting you know the recruitment email went out.
  • Anyone already signed up for your event will also not get the recruitment email.
  • Not all people within a 15-mile radius will get the email. We do our best to reach every person, but sometimes there are other emails in the same area that we have to share space with.

Before you email us to double-check that the recruit went out, please see if your RSVP number increased. If it did, the recruit went out. If you can’t tell, please email to confirm.

How do I access my event host page? How do I see who has RSVPed for my event? How do I change the time, date, or location of my event?
You can access and edit all of this on your event host page. To get to your event host page, follow the link in the email you received from saying "IMPORTANT: Finalize your event registration" in the subject line.

If you can’t locate the email, you can have it resent by clicking here for Progressive Action Events or here for Progressive Community Building Events.

How do I email people who signed up for my event?
To send an email to your guests, go to the Host Tools page that list your attendees; you will be able to email all of them or your selection. To make a selection, click on the box next to their names, then click on the circle next to "Send Email," then click on "Email selected guest(s)."

An email page will open up for you to write a message to your attendees. The email will be sent to them through the system and they can reply through the system without disclosing anyone's email address.

Where can I send photos from my event?
Please send your photos to

If you have any further questions, please email us at