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RepubliCorp Bird-dogging Guide


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Corporations and their right-wing allies are spending $400 million to try to take over Congress for the Republican Party. If this happens, right-wing Republicans and their corporate benefactors will do everything they can to kill any progressive legislation for the rest of the Obama presidency. So this election season, it's up to us to expose the unprecedented flood of corporate cash to Republican campaign coffers. We're launching a massive Republican bird-dogging campaign. Here's how we'll do it:

To listen to a webcast explaining our RepubliCorp bird-dogging program, click here: http://s3.moveon.org/audio/birddog_webcast.mp3

If the webcast doesn't work for you, you can also listen over the phone. Just dial: 212-812-2800, press "#1", and enter "24829 97277."


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Photos and Press Hits from Successful RepubliCorp actions

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RepubliCorp chants

Customize the RepubliCorp flyer for your Republican candidate. Click here to download.

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Research your Republican target's schedule.

During an election year, members of Congress and candidates will make daily public appearances—at fundraisers, community events, debates, rallies, and more! It just takes a little bit of research to find these events.

Here are some good places to start your research:

Once you've found a bird-dogging event, complete our online event form.

Be sure to check the bird-dogging Event Tracking Spreadsheet daily for any new events in your area.

Stage your RepubliCorp stunt and attract media attention.

Republican groups and their corporate allies spent $12 million in the first two weeks of September on advertisements to promote their right-wing agenda. Since we don't have that kind of cash, we need to be visible at every Republican public appearance to expose them for siding with corporate interests time and time again.

Event Roles

There are four important roles for your event:

  1. RepubliCorp spokesperson. This person is the loud, unabashed person of your group and is willing to play the role of RepubliCorp in front of the media and your target.
  2. RepubliCorp lobbyists holding signs.
  3. People to distribute RepubliCorp flyers.
  4. A videographer or photographer.

RepubliCorp Stunts

They key to media attention is a little political theater. Here are a few idea for your bird-dogging event:

A Sample Event

Here's a sample timeline for a RepubliCorp bird-dogging event.

The scenario: Your Republican target is hosting a high-profile fundraiser at a downtown hotel at 12:30 p.m. You've decided to present him or her with the RepubliCorp "Employee of the Month" award.

The plan:

12:00—Gather at a coffeeshop across the street. Solidify your media message and the roles each of you will play. Distribute signs and flyers. Review your plan of action and make sure the RepubliCorp spokesperson is prepped with talking points.

12:15—Head over to the front doors of the hotel. The RepubliCorp spokesperson stands in front of the lobbyists holding signs. Folks with flyers distribute the flyers to everyone who walks by.

12:16—The RepubliCorp spokesperson leads the group in RepubliCorp chants. This will attract attention from the media. Keep singing the song for several minutes.

As soon as the media comes over, immediately start the award presentation. If after several minutes the media is not paying attention, one person from the group should go approach them and let them know what is happening.

12:20—The RepubliCorp spokesperson reads the award presentation script and announces the awarding of the "Employee of the Month" certificate. The corporate lobbyists cheer and hold their signs for the media to see.

12:25—The award presentation ends, and the group continues to chant and distribute flyers.


Tips on Earning Media Attention

Here's some tips to help you earn the best media coverage possible:

Be flexible. You'll want to have a plan, but be ready to adapt and make quick decisions on-the-fly.

Find the Republican candidate. Our interaction with the Republican candidate will be the most media-worthy part of the event. Don't expect to get very close while carrying signs or an over-sized certificate, but instead get a pair of people (the RepubliCorp spokesperon and a videographer or photographer) to join the greeting line, and present a small version of the award to the candidate.

Find the media and go to them. Your action is for the media. Our goal is to reach undecided or swing voters with a message about the RepubliCorps takeover of Congress. For that reason, everything you do should be for the media, or for taking our own video and pictures that we then share. You don't need to engage or persuade anyone at Republican events, and you should avoid spending time talking to them.

Stage a scene for Republican candidate's supporters. The reactions of a candidate's supporters to the RepubliCorp brand is a compelling part of the event. Try to position at least one scene near or in the crowd of supporters, and try to capture their response to your action on video.

Media Tip: You are RepubliCorp

You are RepubliCorp. Take on this persona for this action. When the media asks who you are, say that you are a spokesperson for RepubliCorp.

Don't wait for the media to come to you—go to them. There's a lot happening at these events so to attract media attention, the key is to be relentless and highly visible.

Event Roles

Here are the roles you'll need for a successful event:

To make this work, you'll need to dress as corporate lobbyists or CEOs. Break out the business suit, brief case, and top hat!

Stunt Ideas

They key to media attention is a little political theater. Here are a few idea for your bird-dogging event:

Award your target with a RepubliCorp "Employee of the Month" certificate.

Present your target with a campaign contribution from RepubliCorp.

Host a Job Fair—distribute job applications for positions at RepubliCorp.

Organize an auction and sell off a private yacht ride donated by Big Banks.

Alms for the Rich—ask for donations for CEOs who have "suffered" under the Democratic majority.

Repetition, Repetition, Repetition!

You might need to repeat your stunt several times—that's OK! You'll have a better chance of attracting the media and reaching our target if you repeat the stunt 2-3 times.

You can also do the same stunt or try a new one at the next bird-dogging event. The key to breaking through in the media is repetition, repetition, repetition — so it's great to do the same stunt at multiple events!

Most importantly, make sure you have fun!



Extra tips

Here are a few more tips for a successful event: