The new Council pages


Q: Why did you create new Council pages?

A: MoveOn Councils are powerful teams of committed members who organize in their community and build leadership among MoveOn members to fight for progressive change. The new Council pages provide Councils an improved tool to share organizing highlights across the country, get access to training and event resources more easily, and recruit new members to the Councils.

Q: How do I login to my Council page?

A: Look for the “Login” button at the very top of the page, right next to the red "Join a Council" button.

Q: How do you join a Council or start a new Council?

A: Go here to find the closest Council or to start a new one:

Q: What are the Council roles?

A: The Council network is led by Regional Organizers, Council Organizers, Core members, and Council members. For information about each role, go the about page.

Q: What is the events page?

A: You’ll find information about upcoming actions as well as links to campaign tools and resources.

Q: What is the training hub?

A: The training hub has organizing guides on dozens of organizing skills and resources. You can find training resources that will help you build your skills in the four critical parts of the MoveOn organizing cycle: building relationships, action and strategy, developing leaders, and building teams. For an alphabetical list of all the organizing guides, go to the training hub glossary.

Q: What is in the "My Council" page?

A: You'll find all the tools you'll need to organize your Council, recruit attendees to actions, and host actions. Here's some of what's there: the one-to-one calling tool, the event recruitment tool, the Council communicator tool, links to host and attend upcoming actions, the legal memo, Council ratings chart, Council sign-in sheets, the organizing cycle visual, "What are MoveOn Councils?" brochure, and more.

Q: What are the Council ratings?

A: The Council ratings are a way to measure the relative strength of our Councils so that we can build strong, local organizing teams.

Q: I can’t find a specific item. What do I do?

A: Email and we’ll help out!

Q: Something appears to be broken. What should I do?

A: Thanks for spotting the mistake! Please fill out the bug reporting form and we’ll fix it as soon as possible.

Using the Council pages


Q: How do I email Council members, Council Core members, the Council Organizer, or the Regional Organizer?

A: Go the Council communicator tool. Follow these instructions:

Q: How do I access leadership development and organizing trainings?

A: The MoveOn Council pages contain training guides on a range of different topics. You can schedule a phone training or in-person group training by contacting your Council Organizer or Regional Organizer. You can also work through many of the trainings on your own by going to our trainings page. Go to the training hub to get started.

Q: How do I find the correct page to sign up to host an event for my Council?

A: There should be a "hosting requests" for all national upcoming actions on the events page and in the "My Council" page.

If you don't see the action you are looking for there, you can email your Field Organizer or Regional Organizer from the communicate page to ask for the link.

Q: How do I invite event attendees to join my Council?

A: If you are the host of the action, you should go to your host tools page* after your event, check the checkbox next to the names of all sign-ups who expressed interest in joining the Council, select the "radio" button at the bottom of the page to "Add them to your Council," and click "Submit."

If you want to add attendees to the Council who haven't registered in our system, but have signed in at your event, you should use the "Add Additional Attendees" link at the right of your host tools page.

*To get to your host tools page, either click the link in the email you received when you registered for the action, or go to your "My Council" look under "Recent Events" to find you event, and click the button "Invite members to join Council," which will bring you to your host tools page. (This button will only appear if you were a registered host.)

Q: What do I do if I’m getting too many/inappropriate emails from my Council?

A: If an individual is abusing the email system, please let us know here:

To unsubscribe from Council emails and to leave the Council as a whole here, go to the "My Council" page (, scroll down to the "Update Your Information," and click on the appropriate link.

Administering the Council pages


Q: How do I change the role of a Council Member?

A: Note: This function is only available to Council Organizers and Core Council Members.

Q: How do I change information about my Council?



Q: I signed up to host an event and it isn't appearing on my Council page. Why not?

A: There are two frequent reasons why this might happen:

  • If you used a different email address to sign up to host the event from the one you use to login to your Council pages, our system won't know that both email addresses are yours. You can change the email address associated with your MoveOn Council account by going to our Council admin page.
  • If you are on multiple Councils, the event you're hosting will only show up on the Council of your home Council. You can select your home Council by clicking "view a different Council's page" in the upper right-hand corner. (You must be logged in to a Council for this feature to appear.)

Q: I'm trying to recruit for an event using the Event Recruitment calling tool, but I'm unable to access the calling tool.

A: In order to access the calling tool, you must be a member of an active Council. If you think there may be a problem with your Council's status in our database, please contact your Field Organizer or Regional Organizer.

Q: I'm trying to recruit for an event using the Event Recruitment calling tool, but I don't see the event listed in the calling tool.

A: Use the dropdown menu to broaden the radius than you are searching for. You should be able to select from any event within the correct zip code radius that is registered in our system, is public, and is part of a national MoveOn action.

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