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Who are Regional Organizers?

Regional Organizers (ROs) are leaders who build and strengthen all the Councils in the region, and develop other members as local organizers. ROs are organizers (not event planners) who support Council Organizers in their local organizing.



MoveOn is only as strong as our member leaders. Our success as a progressive organization is because people like you have stepped up to lead. Being a leader in the MoveOn Council network means representing and being accountable to the voices of over 7 million members.

Each Regional Organizer develops and works with two to four Councils. In areas where Councils have already been established, the RO works to strengthen the existing Councils. In other areas, ROs help create new Councils.

Each RO dedicates at least five hours a week working closely with Council Organizers and his or her Field Organizer—who supports the development of the RO's leadership skills.

Regional Organizers:

  • Identify and recruit Council Organizers to build new Councils. In areas without existing Councils, ROs recruit Council Organizers and build new Councils. A National Field Organizer helps ROs gain the skills to do this effectively. We do this by reaching out to MoveOn members in a specific community and asking folks to work together to hold events and build a core group of leaders.
  • Develop Council Organizers into strong, local organizers who build their Councils by taking action. You will work with Council Organizers to create a Council-building plan—to recruit new members to the Council and Council Core and train members in organizing skills. ROs:
    • Share campaign and tactic stories with your Council Organizers and prepare him or her to share these stories with the Core and the Council.
    • Support your Council Organizers to develop new leaders in their Councils.
    • Check in with your Council Organizer weekly—to troubleshoot challenges and hold Council Organizers accountable to their plans.
    • Make a "next steps" plan with your Council Organizers after each event. This plan will include recruiting attendees, making leadership asks, identifying new potential leadership, and making plans for the Council's next organizing meeting.

  • Work with Council Organizers to be rapid-response ready. Taking political action means keeping pace with politics. This does not always make planning easy and at times we will need to take action with only 24 or 48 hours' notice. As an RO, you'll be ready at all times to engage your Councils, expressing the urgency of now, to participate in national or local actions. It is a true test of our organization and leadership that we can activate our members at a moments' notice.


  • Time commitment: You can expect to spend about 25 hours a month as a MoveOn Regional Organizer. You'll work closely with your Field Organizer to plan how to do your best organizing effectively and efficiently.
  • Fast communication: You will be responsible for quickly communicating upcoming actions to your Council Organizers and making sure that they have the support they need to run successful events. It's especially important to keep up on your email, and when in doubt, pick up the phone and call your Field Organizer or Council Organizers.
  • Regular weekly phone calls: You'll have a weekly "indy" call (also called a one-to-one) with your Field Organizer and participate in a group call with the other Regional Organizers in the region. You'll also have weekly "indy" calls with your Council Organizers and hold group conference calls on a regular basis for your Council Organizer team. You are also expected to participate in the monthly National Leadership Call with Regional Organizers and Council Organizers from around the country.



Regional Organizers are the backbone of the MoveOn Councils and are strong and powerful leaders in their local areas. Regional Organizers have passion for organizing on progressive issues and are committed to helping Councils grow and hold important events. Our power comes from ROs who believe in MoveOn campaigns, will work hard with other MoveOn members in their area, and will work closely with a MoveOn Field Organizer.

It is recommended, although not required, that Regional Organizers have experience as a Council Organizer or Council Core member—to gain a powerful understanding of how MoveOn's grassroots organizing works.

Key Responsibilities

  • 1. Identify and recruit Council Organizers to build new Councils.


  • 2. Develop Council Organizers into strong, local organizers who build their Council by taking action.


  • 3. Work with Council Organizers to be rapid-response ready.


MoveOn Councils


MoveOn Councils build the progressive movement by bringing together MoveOn members locally to develop leadership and organize actions. Each Council works with a Regional Organizer, who is the member organizer working with several groups in a state or region.