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Senator Joe Lieberman

A letter to MoveOn members from Joe Lieberman

Dear Members,

I知 running for President to make America stronger at home, stronger abroad, and to put America back on the great march of social progress from which George W. Bush has led us astray.

As President, I値l get government back on the side of the middle class and those working to get there. I will jump-start our economy with tax cuts that create jobs. I値l put us back on the path of fiscal sanity.

I promise to reduce our poverty rate to its lowest in our nation痴 history, and then cut it by an additional third within 10 years. I値l launch an unprecedented new effort to find the cures to chronic diseases, which are responsible for 3 out of 4 deaths in America today. And I値l help American reduce our dependence on foreign oil and kick its foreign oil completely within 20 years.

From marching with Dr. King in the 1960s to protecting consumers as Attorney General, I致e fought throughout my lifetime for progressive values, and as President I値l continue that fight. I will strongly defend a woman痴 right to choose, preserve and protect our environment, and fight for equal opportunity including supporting affirmative action and banning employment discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation.

Under George W. Bush, more than a million Americans have fallen out of the middle class and into poverty and more are struggling to save for retirement and pay for college. Our environment, our schools, and our health care system remain at risk.

We can do better. And I will do better.

I can defeat George Bush because I can match him where people say he痴 strong -- on defense and values -- and beat him where he痴 weak -- on the economy and his divisive right-wing social agenda.

You can learn more about my plans at If you agree with me that America needs new leadership to move us forward, I壇 ask you to take action today:

1. Cast your vote for me in the MoveOn Primary

2. Sign up with my campaign
3. Email 3 of your friends that you池e supporting me

I know that I can defeat George W. Bush. Why? Because Al Gore and I already did it in 2000. With your support and active involvement in my campaign, I値l do it again.

Best regards,

Joe Lieberman
June 17, 2003


Candidate Interview

The Lieberman Campaign opted not respond to the MoveOn interview.