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What is Power Up America?

We all know our economy is in big trouble. Unemployment is higher than it’s been in 25 years. Millions of Americans have seen their retirement funds dry up; millions more are losing their homes in the foreclosure crisis. For too long, our government let big corporations write the rules of the economy—and now we’re seeing the results.

The way out of our current crisis is clear: We need a massive program to build a new energy economy. We need to create millions of new, high-paying green jobs that can’t be outsourced, doing things like installing solar panels and weatherizing buildings, and updating transportation systems.

This will mean immediate economic relief—more jobs, and families saving billions of dollars on utility bills.

And it will mean long-term transformation. We’ll lay the groundwork to repower America with 100% clean electricity. We’ll create an economy that works for the middle class while fighting the climate crisis. And we’ll make America competitive for the 21st century.

President Obama wants to lead the way, but he needs our help and encouragement to take on the big oil and coal companies that are trying to stop him. Congress needs to hear that this is what we need to do to change America. And it’s going to take millions of us working together to overcome the big corporations and change the direction of this country.

That’s why MoveOn is organizing “Power Up America,” a massive grassroots campaign to build a new energy economy. Our goal is to create 5 million new green jobs and to get Congress to commit to repower America with 100% clean electricity within 10 years.

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This video was made with help from our friends at Green For All.