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Local Meetings Press

Local Press - January, 2003 Congressional Meetings:

The Desert Sun: Locals tell Bono to hold off on Iraq
By Doug Abrahms, 1/25/03
Ojai Valley News: Delegation has dustup at Gallegly's office
By Kelly Feser Eells, 1/24/03
Ventura County Star: Gallegly regrets remarks about anti-war activists By Ryan Alessi, 1/24/03
Montgomery Newspapers: Anti-war group speaks out at Hoeffel's Ambler office By Christopher Witkowsky, 1/24/03
Ventura County Star: Editorial: Congressman forgets his job Editorial, 1/23/03
The Camden Herald: On-line peace program grows, adds national TV spot By David Grima, 1/23/03
WSET, Virginia: High Tech Anti-War Protest
Reporter: Kathryn Brown, 1/23/03
Sun Newspapers: You've got mail — about avoiding a war with Iraq By Ken Prendergast, 1/23/03
Ventura County Star: Activists thwarted in visit to Gallegly By Molly Freedenberg, 1/22/03
Oregon Daily Emerald: Anti-war movement members create petition By Jessica Richelderfer, 1/22/03
New Britain Herald: Johnson meets anti-war group By Bill Larkin, 1/22/03
The Milford Daily News: 'Net group brings out anti-war lobbyists By Michael Kunzelman,1/22/03
The Cinncinnati Enquirer: Antiwar petitions gathered By Steve Kemme, 1/22/03
Denver Post: Net group makes case for peace By Annette Espinoza, 1/22/03
New Jersey Herald: Iraq: The War of Words; Protesters call for peace
By Russ Flanagan, 1/22/03
Knoxville News Sentinel: Duncan gets visit from group against war 1/22/03
Chicago Daily Herald: Peace advocates file petitions, letters to Congress online By Kathryn Grondin, 1/22/03
The Record: Protesters voice war concerns to McNulty
By James V. Franco 1/22/03
The Lewisville Leader: Anti-war group petitions Burgess By Brent Flynn, 1/22/03
Orlando Sentinel: Activists visit lawmakers' staffs 1/22/03
GazetteNET: Olver, Neal get anti-war petitions By Mary Carey, 1/22/03
Democrat & Local anti-war movement joins cyberspace effort By Corydon Ireland , 1/22/03
Napa Valley Register: Thompson receives anti-war signatures By Randy Weiss, 1/22/03
Redlands Daily News: Anti-war group meets with Lewis By Jaya Jiwatram, 1/22/03
The Galveston Daily News: Anti-war petition presented to Lampson By Carter Thompson, 1/22/03
Rock Hill Herald: Spratt voices, hears others' concerns on potential war in Iraq
By Andrew J. Skerritt, 1/22/03
Pocono Record: Group lets Kanjorski know how it feels about war 1/22/03
Pawtucket Times: Anti-war group meets with Kennedy representatives
By Jim Baron, 1/22/03
The Scranton Times: Anti-war protesters: 'Let the inspections work'
By Jennifer L. Henn, 1/22/03
Port Townsend: Contingent opposing war take its views to Rep. Dicks' aide today by Keven Drews, 1/22/03 Phoenix: Anti-war activists: Let the inspections work 1/21/03
The Greenville News: Local activists urge no rush to war By Michael Buchanan, 1/21/03