Censure and Move On
News Release

September 22, 1998

Disgusted citizens organize on the Internet:
Urge Congress to Censure and Move On

Across the United States today, a diverse group of online Americans launched an Internet political campaign and petition drive called Censure and Move On. Angry and disgusted by the behavior of our representatives in the nation's capital, we are using email and the world-wide web to crystalize public opinion.

Censure and Move On is a bipartisan group of concerned citizens organizing around a single issue: speedy resolution of the Lewinsky sex scandal. We are not affiliated with or funded by any other organization. The vast majority of the American public understand that a continuing obsession with this scandal will do great damage to our institutions, our economy, and our power and prestige in the world. We expect our representatives to understand this as well, and show real leadership. Now that the special prosecutor's report is in, the issue is totally in the political domain. A resolution of Censure is clearly the only path to speedy closure.

Censure and Move On is "flash campaign", possible only through the organizing capabilities of the Internet. Using email and the web, we can focus a broad and deep consensus in the American public into action. Our strategy begins with an online petition drive to highlight public opinion to our representatives and the president. If the Congress opens an impeachment process or otherwise delays the matter's resolution, we will shift focus to highlighting this issue in the fall elections.

The Censure and Move On petition is found at www.moveon.org. The petition web page simply states the Congress must, "Immediately Censure President Clinton and Move On to pressing issues facing the country." In addition, the page includes directions for sending campaign email to friends and associates, and directions for becoming more involved in the campaign.

The email campaign began at 9am PST today, with the first dozen signatories each sending their email notices out to several dozen friends.

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