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Recent Success Stories Civic Action Facebook: Protect Our Privacy!
In December 2008, Facebook took purchases its users made on other websites and made them public on Facebook without permission-- great advertising for corporations but horrible for basic privacy rights. MoveOn formed a pro-privacy group on Facebook that grew to over 80,000 members and was covered by media worldwide. As a result, Facebook reversed its policy—preserving its own integrity in the process.
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Washington Post article » Civic Action Medicare: Helped lead fight to reform
When Bush threatened to cut off as many 14 million seniors from the prescription drug benefit because they had not signed up in time, MoveOn helped fight back. We mobilized hundreds of thousands of Americans to sign petitions, organize local media events, and contact our representatives. Civic Action 2007 Budget: Reversed cuts to key health and nutrition programs
The Republican budget proposal for FY'07 contained cuts that would take food of the table of 300,000 working families dependent on food stamps, and roll back health benefits for millions of low income people and seniors. MoveOn members sounded the alarm, writing thousands of letters to the editor telling personal stories about these key programs, staging local events and calling our representatives. The worst of the cuts were removed from the final budget package. Civic Action John Bolton: Blocked the anti-UN ambassador
MoveOn members raised a chorus of opposition when Bush nominated long time UN-basher and war apologist John Bolton as America's ambassador to the United Nations. Congress refused to approve the nomination, and Bush resorted to a "recess appointment" to side step Congress. But when the appointment expired, Bush withdrew the nomination and Bolton was forced to step down. Civic Action Voting Rights Act: Helped renew landmark civil rights legislation
When MoveOn members got word that southern Republicans were attempting to derail the re-authorization of the landmark Voting Rights Act of 1965, we sprung into action. After hundreds of thousands signed a petition we rushed to Congress and flooded the capital with phone calls the law was renewed. Political Action Voting Machines: Momentum for Paper Records
MoveOn members wearing “Got Paper? Got Audits?” T-shirts packed a recent voting machines hearing in Congress, spurring many elected representatives to speak up for voter-verified paper records. Phone calls from MoveOn members nationwide are convincing more and more members of Congress to get behind the bill requiring paper records—bringing the total to over 200 co-sponsors!
Sign the Petition »   Election reform campaigns » Political Action MoveOn Members Helping End Genocide in Darfur
"Million Voices for Darfur" organized by the Save Darfur Coalition will give our leaders a powerful mandate to act.
Join the virtual march to save Darfur » Political Action New hope for Maryland Voting Machines
After MoveOn members in Maryland made more than a hundred phone calls, the state House voted unanimously in favor of a paper record of every vote. Maryland was one of the first states to adopt electronic voting machines lacking voter-verified paper records, so the House vote in March is historic. With Maryland’s governor now supporting a paper record of every vote, the only obstacle left is the Maryland Senate. Thanks to public concern, more than half of the states will require a paper record of every vote! Political Action PA Members Helped Protect Voting Rights
MoveOn members in Pennsylvania helped protect voting rights in Pennsylvania by making over 700 phone calls to state legislators to oppose House Bill 1318. Those calls helped stop an effort to strip paroled felons of their right to vote. Even though the legislature went on to pass an anti-democratic voter ID requirement by a narrow margin, the visible public outrage persuaded the governor to veto the bill. Political Action Fantastic Progress for California Clean Elections
MoveOn members in California made hundreds of calls urging their state representatives to pass public financing of political campaigns. The measure would help clean up election corruption by ending the reliance on corporate and wealthy donors. Having been approved by the Assembly, the measure now goes to the state Senate and then before voters as a ballot measure. If it passes, California could lead states nationwide to adopt public financing. 
Past work on election reform » Political Action Movin' On to 2006
In 2005, we grew by half a million members, raised $9 million, built a field campaign, and helped tip the balance in critical fights.
Read the 2005 Wrap Up » Political Action "Out in '06" Petition Deliveries a Success
MoveOn members delivered 400,000 petition signatures to 285 district congressional offices, urging support for an exit strategy plan with a timeline to bring U.S. troops home from Iraq. Photos and Comments » Political Action Torture Ban Approved
In a 308-122 vote, the House of Representatives approved the torture ban late Wednesday. And Thursday, after both chambers of Congress voted to take torture off the table, even the White House caved. After months of resistance, Vice President Cheney and the administration will accept the ban. MoveOn members reported more than 5,800 calls to key representatives in advance of the vote asking that the House support the torture ban. Political Action Million Solar Roofs Program Recommended
The California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) unveiled its recommendation on the Million Solar Roofs program earlier this week: an 11-year, $3.2 billion incentive program to help a million homes, businesses, schools and other buildings go solar. CPUC received a total of approximately 50,000 emails on the Million Solar Roofs program—over 10,000 of those came from MoveOn members. Political Action Wal-Mart Movie Kicks Off With a Bang
MoveOn members held viewing parties as part of a coalition effort to bring attention to Robert Greenwald's compelling new documentary: Walmart, The High Cost of Low Price. Political Action Members Put A New Iraq Ad On TV
Last week a real debate about how to change course in Iraq started in Congress. Now Republicans and the Bush administration are lashing out--trying to smear their critics. Don’t let them get away with that. To maintain our momentum in the Iraq debate we've put together a new TV ad. Watch the Ad » Political Action 100,000 Gather to Honor 2,000 Fallen Soldiers at Vigils
More than 100,000 people gathered at 1,354 candlelight vigils in all 50 states and DC to remember and honor our fallen soldiers and ask, "How many more?" Photos, Map, Stories » Political Action PATRIOT Act Renewal Stalled
After MoveOn members asked their senators to oppose the renewal as it was offered, a dozen senators and House members from both parties announced that they would do so, with a filibuster if necessary. The following week, the Senate rejected permanent renewal in favor of a one-month extension of the Act, after which Congress will have another opportunity to offer a version that adequately protects civil liberties.

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