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2004 & 2005 Success Stories Political Action Victory! MoveOn Members Endorse 2005
Election Day '05 was a great day for progressives--winning both the NJ & VA governorships, defeating all Schwarzenegger's ballot measures, and more. State-by-State » '06 Endorsements » Political Action Democrats Oppose Big Oil Giveaway
Thousands of MoveOn members called their representatives urging them to vote against the Republican energy package. The package passed by an narrow 212-210 vote, but only after the Republican leadership kept the vote open for an extra 40 minutes to wheel and deal for the final needed votes. Political Action 60 Minutes to Balance Story on Louis Freeh and Bill Clinton (October 2005)
As part of the new MoveOn Media Action campaign, MoveOn members called and emailed CBS' 60 Minutes and asked them to balance their coverage of former FBI Director Louis Freeh's "scathing" criticism of President Clinton's handling of national security—as they did last year when ex-counterterror czar Richard Clarke criticized President Bush. Under pressure from MoveOn members and other media watch groups, as well as former Clinton administration advisors, 60 Minutes included a statement from Sandy Berger, Clinton's national security adviser, offering a counterpoint to Freeh's assertions. Political Action California Voter-Verified Paper Record Bill Becomes Law (October 2005)
The California legislature passed a bill, SB 370, requiring counties to actually use the paper records. But the secretary of state vigorously opposed the bill and wrote op-eds urging Governor Schwarzenegger to veto. Most people expected he'd follow that advice. Civic Action joined groups like the California Voter Foundation and encouraging Schwarzenegger to sign the bill into law. On the Friday evening before the deadline, he did just that. This is a key precedent for maintaining the progress towards voter-verified paper records in every state. Political Action Shelly Moore Capito Chooses Not To Challenge Sen. Byrd (D-WV) in '06 (October 2005)
Despite heavy recruitment efforts from the Republican party, Congresswoman Shelly Moore Capito announced that she will not challenge incumbent Senator Robert Byrd (D-WV) in '06. Political Action members showed strong support for Senator Byrd in March, when they donated over $830,000 to support Bryd's '06 run. MoveOn members’ early engagement helped shape the playing field in West Virginia, and almost certainly helped convince Congresswoman Capito to stay out of the race. Political Action Paul Hackett Running for Senate in '06 (September 2005)
After receiving generous support from MoveOn members, Paul Hackett, the Democratic Iraq war vet, decided to take on weak Republican Sen. Mike DeWine from Ohio in 2006. Note: MoveOn members encouraged Paul Hackett to enter the race when he was the only likely candidate, and Sherrod Brown entered the race a few days later. Hackett subsequently dropped out of the race. Political Action Shelter for Hurricane Victims (September 2005)
Through, thousands of hosts have given an estimated 15,000-30,000 evacuees shelter, cars, jobs, clothes, health care, and more importantly, community. Members also supported an effort to get evacuees' voices heard in Washington. Political Action 1,627 Candlelight Vigils to Support Cindy Sheehan (August 2005)
On Wednesday, August 17, hundreds of thousands of supporters gathered at 1,627 vigils in all 50 states and the District of Columbia. The vigils were the largest event we've organized. From Alaska to Florida , Maine to Mississippi , Oregon to South Carolina and New York to Texas —we gathered together to acknowledge the sacrifices made by Cindy Sheehan, her son, Casey and the more than 1,800 brave American men and women who have given their lives in Iraq—and their moms and families. Thank you so much for participating and making these vigils a success. Political Action Congress Votes to Restore $100 Million to the Corporation for Public Broadcasting (June 2005)
We are delighted that we were able to help restore some of the cuts made to NPR and PBS. members sent in more than 1 million comments and made more than 40,000 calls to tell Congress to save Big Bird and Mr. Rogers. We are glad to have helped protect such an important service. Political Action Press Picks Up Coverage of the Downing Street Memo (June 2005)
On June 16, 2005, Congressman John Conyers delivered 560,000 petition signatures to the White House—including more than 360,000 from MoveOn members—demanding that Bush address the evidence in the "Downing Street Memo." After holding nearly four hours of hearings about the Downing Street Memos on Capitol Hill, the Congressman went over to The White House accompanied by a dozen leading Democrats. Thanks in part to your pressure and Congressman Conyers' high profile hearings and petition delivery, the media finally began to cover the scandalous Downing Street Memos—we counted 1,600 news stories in Google the day after the petitions were delivered. The Seattle Times, Denver Post, Boston Globe, CNN, ABC and hundreds of other media outlets have been forced to report on the memo. Political Action Republicans Back Down from the "Nuclear Option" (May 2005)
President Bush, Bill Frist and the radical right-wing of the Republican Party failed in their attempt at seizing absolute power and the "nuclear option" is off the table. MoveOn members helped make the difference by: Organizing 108 Citizen Filibusters; Gathering Over 580,371 Petition Signatures; Writing 59,645 Letters-to-the-Editor; Making 118,016 Calls to Senators; Holding Rallies in All 50 states (Address by Al Gore); Raising $1.3M (avg. $43 donation) to Air 4 Powerful TV Ads and 2 Print Ads; Knocking on thousands of doors. Political Action Raised Nearly $300K to Air "Working Retirement" Social Security Ad (January 2005)
Thanks to MoveOn members, we were able to air this compelling ad in key Congressional districts, as part of a larger campaign to protect Social Security. Building off the famous MoveOn Child’s Pay ad, the spot explains why privatization is a bad idea. The ad footage was shot by Charlie Fisher, who also did Child’s Pay. Political Action FCC Backs Down from Efforts to Loosen Media Ownership Rules (January 2005)
In 2003, more than 375,000 MoveOn members joined the fight against these pro-corporate rules. No one expected such public upset, and the courts sent the rules back to the Federal Communications Commission for reconsideration last summer. On January 28, the Bush Justice Department finally decided not to appeal the court's decision -- signaling an incredible victory for grassroots activists who rose up against more media consolidation. Political Action 36 Senators Object to Gonzales' Confirmation as Attorney General (January 2005)
In what was originally expected to be an uncontroversial vote, 35 Democrats and 1 independent voted against the confirmation of Alberto Gonzales, raising pointed questions about his role laying the legal groundwork for the Abu Ghraib torture scandal. Gonzales was confirmed by just 60-36 -- the second most "no" votes for any confirmed attorney general in history. (The first was Ashcroft.) MoveOn members played a major role in getting this on the radar, making it a referendum on torture and generating a real opposition. Political Action House Ethics Reversal (January 2005)
House Republicans wanted to loosen ethics rules to protect their plagued leader, Rep. Tom DeLay. But your phone calls in select Congressional districts embarrassed them into reversing course. DeLay is likely to be indicted in a corporate campaign fundraising scandal in Texas. Republicans did make it harder to investigate House members' conduct, but your calls forced a major retreat by the leadership. Political Action MoveOn Members Help Provide Tsunami Relief (December 2004)
The tsunami in southern Asia and Africa may be the worst natural disaster of our time. In response, MoveOn members sent 76,000 requests to President Bush and Congress to "offer whatever assistance is necessary to prevent further human suffering in the wake of the tsunami disaster." The next day, the Bush administration increased its pledge ten-fold, from $35 million to $350 million. Members also donated over $2.6 million to Oxfam America's disaster relief program. 100% of these donations go directly to Oxfam America. Donate directly to Oxfam America's tsunami disaster relief efforts. Political Action CA Law Requires Voter-Verified Paper Ballots (September 2004)
Your phone calls had a real impact: Now, beginning in 2006, California voters will be able to verify our votes on secure paper ballots that can be counted, and re-counted if necessary. Our elections will be protected from electronic tampering, failure, and fraud. Political Action Victory on Overtime Pay Vote (September 2004)
MoveOn members asked their Representatives in Washington to stop a proposal to take away overtime pay from 6 million Americans. Thanks to your calls, the House of Representatives passed the Obey-Miller amendment to protect overtime, 223-193. Overtime isn’t safe yet, but we sent a strong message of public support. Political Action The "Federal Marriage Amendment" Stopped (July 2004)
Our "United not Divided" campaign helped stop the "Federal Marriage Amendment" from denying marriage equality to same-sex couples nationwide. It was an incredible demonstration of our power to overcome hateful divisiveness. Political Action The U.S. Senate Repudiated Torture (June 2004)
On June 16th, the Senate approved an amendment offered by Senator Richard Durbin (D-IL), requiring Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld to issue guidelines to keep US treatment of prisoners in line with our commitments under this bedrock international law. Thousands of us helped win this victory, with phone calls and a TV ad demanding accountability for the torture at Abu Ghraib. Political Action Old Growth Forest Protected From Clearcutting (June 2004)
Thanks in part to hundreds of our phone calls to our Represenatives, the House voted to save 300,000 acres of old growth forest from clearcutting. If the Senate follows suit, the trees will live, thanks to a 222-205 vote limiting money to build logging roads in the Tongass National Forest.