Council Organizing FAQs

Below are common questions about Council organizing. If you can’t find your question below, please email us at

For questions about event recruitment or the Progressive Action Event and the Progressive Community Building Event tools, please click here.

For questions about a MoveOn petition, please click here.

How do I organize a Council meeting, a rally, a bird-dogging event, etc? Does MoveOn have training materials?
We have training materials located here: They're broken down into four overarching categories: building relationships, actions and strategy, developing leaders, and building teams.

Please browse through the materials, and if you have further questions about the tips provided in the trainings or a question specific to your campaign, you can email our Strategy Support Corps at

Our Council wants to run a campaign. What’s the best place to start?
Thanks for wanting to start a campaign! We recommend that you start with a petition to help identify the decision maker you want to target and to help you build a group of other people interested in the issue.

How can I tell other MoveOn members about my event? Can I get a list of all the members in my city, congressional district, or state?
If you are a Council member, you can use your local Council pages to contact fellow Council members. You can email or call your Council members from the Council Communicator page:

You also have access to the Event Recruitment tool to make calls to other MoveOn members in your area and tell them about your upcoming event. You can find the Event Recruitment tool in your Council pages:

I am having problems logging in to my Council page.
Try logging out of your MoveOn account and then sign back in to the website. Here is a logout link:

If that doesn't work, you should try resetting your password at this link:

Keep in mind that you must sign in with the same email address that you were using when you joined the MoveOn Council. If you have changed your email address it will be necessary to log in using the old one and then change your contact information on the right side of the Council home page.

If you have tried the above and are still experiencing trouble, please email us at

I can’t email my Council list.
The simplest way to fix this is to quit and then re-join the Council. That will properly restore your account. Here is the link to re-register with your Council:

Our Council is still active; please take it off of inactive status.
That’s great! Please email to get your Council reactivated.

I can't get into the Event Recruitment call tool.
The most common reason people can’t log into the Event Recruitment tool is because their access has been shut off. To protect member privacy, we require that you report back your previous call results before you can get more names to call. If you don’t report back your calls, you’ll lose access to the system. Please report back your calls and the system will allow you back in.

If you are still locked out after you have reported back your calls, please email Support Corps at

Why isn’t my event showing up on my Council page?
There are a few reasons why an event won’t show up on your Council page:

  • The individual who posted the event needs to be a member of the Council, and have your Council listed as their primary Council. Make sure the email they registered the event with matches the one they are signed up to the Council with. If they are a member of multiple Councils, they can log into the Council page and change their home/primary Council to yours.
  • If the date for the event is in the past or if it's more than one month in the future, the event won't show up on the Council page.

If none of the above are the cause, please email

How can I remove someone from my Council list or change their role?
You must be a core member or CO to edit the Council roster. To remove someone from your Council list or to change their role, first log into the council pages.

Click the blue “My Council” button on the top toolbar. On the right-hand side, you will now see a box labeled “Council Tools” with four smaller boxes in it. Click on the red box labeled “Council Communicator.”

You should now be viewing your Council roster. On the right-hand side, below the search box, you should see three small boxes. Click the first one, labeled “Edit Roster.” You are now looking at the edit page. By clicking on the blue "Edit" link next to a member’s name, you can change their role or remove them from the Council.

Make sure you click the green “Save Changes” button at the bottom of each member page you edit.

Why can’t I get MoveOn members’ email addresses?
We make a promise to our members that we will not share their email addresses. You have access to contact other members through our Event Recruitment tool or the Council pages.

For our complete privacy policy, click here.

Can our Council or group get funding for printing, a banner, an event, or a campaign?
Right now we are still working on our grant and funding program. If you have a petition, you can apply for an Opportunity Grant

If you have any further questions, please email us at