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Who are Council Core Members?

The Core Team is a group of local organizers who work together to fire up the MoveOn Council. The team collectively coordinates and empowers the Council, leads others to action, develops new leaders, and builds up the strength and size of the group. They are the engine of the Council.


  • Lead monthly organizing meetings. Help plan the agenda and take on a meeting role (e.g., lead facilitator, section facilitator, timekeeper, note-taker, etc.) Work together to build a sense of community among Council members.
  • Organize actions. Organize local events that are part of the national MoveOn campaign, and take on key action roles (e.g., hosting the event, logistics, recruitment, media, etc.)
  • Develop and train leaders. Delegate roles and tasks to Council members, so that they can learn new skills and gradually take on more leadership and responsibility.
  • Recruit new Council and Core members. Work to bring local MoveOn members and the larger community into our growing movement.


  • Accountability. Core team members are accountable to the rest of the team, letting their teammates know whenever they aren't going to be able to fulfill any of their commitments.
  • Timely communication. Core team members commit to stay in contact with each other, which means replying in a timely manner to all emails from other team members that ask for a response.
  • Cooperation. The Core team works together to build a culture of learning and improvement, participating and helping to run local trainings with their Regional Organizer and Council Organizer.
  • Inclusivity. The Core team strives to make the Council inclusive. The most powerful organizing only happens when we are able to do two things: to bring our full selves to the table, and to welcome the full breadth of the communities our Councils represent. To that end, the Core team regularly evaluates how societal power dynamics (racism, sexism, homophobia, ageism, ableism, etc.) play out in our organizing—and we work to ensure that MoveOn Councils are safe, respectful, welcoming spaces for progressives of all backgrounds (and ages, sexualities, genders, races, ethnicities, socioeconomic statuses, etc.)
  • Time committments. Core Team member time commitments vary. Some Core team members spend two hours a month on their Council work, and some spend 20 hours or more.

Core Team Roles


The Council Organizer coordinates and evaluates the team's communication, plans, and growth, and keeps the group connected to the larger Council network through regular contact with the Regional Organizer. Core team roles can include:

  • Event hosts oversee the group's local actions. In most groups, this is a rotating position.
  • Recruitment Coordinator and the recruitment team are responsible for recruiting people to the Council's actions and bringing new people into the group.
  • Media Coordinator and the media team are responsible for developing a media list, making media contacts before each action, and finding innovative ways to get our message out.
  • General Core member and other roles can and should be rotated as much as is practical, to enable more people to develop skills and share the workload. Some Core team members take on different roles each month, as the type of action varies. For actions and events, these responsibilities typically include logistics, programming, materials, outreach, and working with allies.

Key Responsibilities

  • 1. Recruit, develop, and train new Council members.


  • 2. Organize actions.


  • 3. Lead monthly organizing meetings.


MoveOn Councils


MoveOn Councils build the progressive movement by bringing together MoveOn members locally to develop leadership and organize actions. Each Council works with a Regional Organizer, who is the member organizer working with several groups in a state or region.